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Connected Reliability Assessment

Define your path to predictive maintenance

A strong predictive maintenance strategy requires connectivity.

You need a way to hear what your assets are trying to tell you—and that means connected data, connected systems, and connected teams.

End-to-end connectivity is oxygen for the IIoT. How "Connect Ready" is your organization? We've got an easy way for you to find out: the Connected Reliability Assessment.

Fluke reliability experts create an action plan and roadmap to help you achieve your connectivity goals. Our assessment navigates you through the hurdles, ensuring a successful rollout.

Delivered by certified engineers, the CRA identifies your strengths and weaknesses, providing a detailed examination of needed changes. Lay the foundation for predictive maintenance success.

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Our service includes:

  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Kickoff meeting with your reliability team members
  • In-depth review of energy sources, networks, assets, mobility, and more
  • Detailed report recommending how to connect data, systems, and teams
  • Post-engagement follow-up Q&As with experts

For more information about the Fluke Connected Reliability Solutions, contact a Fluke representative at 239-494-8929 or