The award-winning Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor

Install in under an hour and grade asset health remotely

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Set up quickly

Install a wireless sensor in under an hour and start monitoring your asset without any specialized training

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Get alarms

Receive graded severity alarms on your smart device or computer within seconds of an abnormality

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Increase uptime

Remote monitoring decreases routes and improves uptime by giving you actionable insights

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Product details

  • Takes vibration and temperature measurements remotely every 90 seconds
  • Frequency range of 10-1,000 Hz
  • Can be placed in dangerous or hard-to-reach places
  • Battery lasts for three years
  • IP67 rated for dust and liquids
  • Suitable for 37 machine categories including motors, pumps, chillers, compressors, fans and turbines

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View data on Fluke Connect software

Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software is the underlying system used by all Fluke sensors to send data from your shop floor to your smart device or computer. You can view trending and historical data anytime.

The software uses the Fluke Overall Vibration Severity scale to grade the health of your machine and sends alarms within seconds of an abnormality. Data from more than 80 other wireless Fluke tools can be combined for a complete view of asset health.

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Need a more in-depth explanation of the vibration sensor and gateway capabilities? View the datasheet with detailed specifications.

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It is reported that over 90% of machinery could benefit from some kind of remote monitoring program.

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Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about the vibration sensor. Learn how it works, how to install it, and more.

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Watch our free webinar today on combining vibration with other sensor technologies.

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How to buy

Purchase the right solution for your facility by choosing the kit that fits your needs. The starter kit includes four sensors to collect data, one gateway to send data from the sensors to the cloud, and a one-year license for Fluke Connect software so you can access the data and receive alarms. The 3561 FC is available through your local distributor with kits starting at $1,100.

Save time with Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensors