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Fluke 3563 Analysis Vibration Sensor

Fluke 3563 Analysis Vibration Sensor and Gateway

Wireless Vibration Sensor and Gateway

With the new 3563 Analysis Vibration Sensor, you get high-value wireless vibration-monitoring technology for a broad array of machine types.

Extend machine health and peak performance

Leverage high-powered software analytics

Determine the fault causing a problem and the cause of that fault

Why is vibration analysis so important?

LIVE-Asset Portal software screenshot

High-powered software analytics

The LIVE-Asset Portal software application is a crucial differentiator for the Fluke 3563.

Determine critical next-step actions with customizable frequency band measurements, auto-generated thresholds based on asset details, trend visualization, and frequency isolation charting.

This ability enables more extended peak asset performance and more effective use of maintenance team resources—delivering increased business value from maintenance operations.

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Identifying most common machine faults

Nearly 90 percent of machine faults fall into one of four main categories:

  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Looseness
  • Bearing damage

The more effective way to detect these and other machine faults is by using an analysis vibration sensor such as the Fluke 3563. The sensor uses narrowband alarming to detect patterns within a particular area of the spectrum, indicating a specific fault, e.g., 1X band = imbalance. Narrowband alarms trigger alerts at particular frequencies and deliver machine diagnostics that offer more precise and insightful information about machine changes.

Reveal machine fault causes

How it works


The Fluke 3563 Analysis Vibration Sensor captures high-precision, high-frequency data and transmits it via the Fluke 3503 gateway to the LIVE-Asset Portal.

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The LIVE-Asset Portal software application enables users to analyze both banded overall values and narrowband values to determine the fault causing a problem as well as the root cause of the fault.

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With knowledge that most assets are operating within the right parameters on any given day, teams can employ a screening approach that leverages simpler, easy-to-use tools or systems to confirm that this is the case.

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This analysis enables maintenance teams to make decisions and schedule work based on the criticality of the machine and what the data is saying, not just on the calendar.

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Backed by Fluke Reliability's "Expertise as a Service" offerings that virtually extend your maintenance teams with active assistance when you need it, extend your maintenance team and fill critical gaps that might threaten program success.

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